Common Questions


Why is the age of first use of alcohol so important?

Kids who start drinking before age 15 are 5 times more likely to develop alcohol abuse or dependence than people who first used alcohol at 21 or older.


Does marijuana use lead to the use of other drugs?

Long-term studies of high school students show that few young people use other illegal drugs without first using marijuana.


Is alcohol as harmful as other substances?

Your brain doesn’t stop growing until age 25 and drinking can affect how it develops. Alcohol can always increase your risk for many diseases – including cancer!


Can you get addicted even though you only do it once?

Yes! For most, addiction to alcohol and drugs is a process. Most people who use alcohol and drugs do so with an intention of only using once or “once in awhile.”


Can a person be “too young” to become addicted to alcohol and drugs?

No. Research and experience show that the younger someone starts using alcohol and drugs, the greater the chance that they become addicted.


Is marijuana addictive?

More teens enter treatment each year with marijuana as the main substance that they abused. Marijuana meets the criteria for substance dependence established by the American Psychiatric Association.


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